The Earth Lodge

Treaty 2 Territory- The Earth Lodge is based on the Anishinaabek Traditional Lodge (Long Lodge Ceremony).  Its structure and all that flows from it is based upon the natural laws of creation.  For example: traditional forms of government, social frameworks, ways of learning, communication, language, our relationship with the land, medicine, health, law, peace, protection, history, artistic expression, and freedom.  It is about providing a good life for our people, Mino-Bimaadiziwin, as was the intent from our ancestors.  The Earth Lodge is reflective of best practices from our Ancestors and for today’s world.  We are all a part of Aki.  This is our Earth Journey.  This is our Red Road Journey: Ninawendam bimosetowin nibamatiziwina, “I am walking my life in Peace.”

The Earth Lodge Logo


According to our Anishinaabe Clan System, between the two Chief Clans was the principle from the Fish Clan and the Sub Clan is the Turtle for our Territory. The people of the Turtle Clan  were the teachers and scholars. It is their job to teach people about their past, tell stories, pass on values and beliefs from one generation to another.  They helped children develop skills and healthy spirits. They also drew ontheir knowledge to solve disputes between the leaders. They are the wise people. They also look after the Earth. Being part of the Earth Lodge, they are Philosophers, Mediators, Teachers, Vision, Program Planning/Design, Leadership, and Integrated Development.


TRUTH “Debwewin” (The heart is telling the truth)


Mikinaak is said to have been present when Gizhe Manidoo created us so that we would never lose our teachings.Always seek truth. The truth lies in spirit. The spirit is in your heart. It is when we live truth that we will know peace and find the truth of our humanity. Slow moving  Mikinaak understands that the journey of life is as  important as the destination.

The teaching of Truth is especially important for the leaders of our Nations. Our motherland  is referred to as Turtle Island. To know and live truth is to walk and live all the Seven Grandfather Spiritual Laws. ‘Living truth’ means living in the spirit of Respect, Love, Humility, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, and Truth that binds it all together. It is when we live truth that we will know peace and find the truth of our humanity. When one can walk the spirit of these Seven Grandfather Teachings is when one becomes truly  free, it is then that one receives the full support of the universe, and the forces of the Earth itself.

Submitted by Renée McGurry, Earth Lodge Development