Wii Sagase Idim

“They are going to smoke.” Referencing that they were going to gather, smoke their pipes and talk about things of great importance.

The Earth Lodge is based on the Anishinaabek Traditional Lodge (Long Lodge Ceremony). Its structure and all that flows from it is based upon the natural laws of creation. For example: traditional forms of government, social framework, ways of learning, communication, language, relationship with the land, medicine, health, law, peace, protection, history, artistic expression, and freedom. Is it about providing a good life for our people, Mino-Bimaadiziwin, as was the intent from our ancestors. The Earth Lodge is the centre of all thought, planning, and action. The Earth Lodge will be reflective of best-practices from our Ancestors and for today’s world. We are part of Aki. This is our Earth Journey. This is our Red Road Journey; Ninawendam bimosetowin nibamatiziwina, “I am walking my life in Peace.”

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