Change Management

Treaty 2 Territory Change is going to happen. How we respond to this change is crucial.    Transformation and growth happen when the change that you are trying to implement becomes part of the culture of your organization. Communication and planning are critical.   People are going to respond to change differently. Everyone will be somewhere on the Continuum of Change, […]

Grant Writing 101 

Treat 2 Territory – This week I was able to attend a seminar, Grant Writing 101, in Brandon sponsored by Community Futures Westman. The presenter was Melisa Stefaniw from Decipher Consulting. The workshop covered:   Creating context for the funder: telling the story of your project  Appropriate composition  Understanding funding criteria  Understanding budgets  Lobbying basics  […]

My Wellness Week: September 16-25th, 10 days in Beautiful British Columbia

Treaty 2 Territory- On September 16th my husband and I flew to Kamloops, British Columbia for a week of wellness and outdoor activities at the home of family located on Little Shuswap Lake.  This area is the home of the Shuswap Band who are members of the Secwépemc (pronounced Sec-wep-mec) Nation. This nation is occupied […]

Waves of Grief and Healing 

Territory 2 Territory  – In anticipation of my second land-based wellness week, I was excited to spend some time with a dear elder friend, on the land, and accept her teachings on medicines. Unfortunately, just before my week was to begin, my husband and I received notification that my father-in-law’s health was fragile, and the family […]

Why All Children Need to Learn About Residential Schools

Treaty 2 Territory- For more than a 150 years, Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to church-led Indian Residential Schools where they were forbidden to speak their language or practise their culture. But how do you talk about Canada’s cultural genocide with children today? For generations, the full history of Canada’s […]

Burn Tobacco

Treaty 2 Territory The far off hum of vehicles on the highway. A flock of geese settling onto the water just out of sight. The crackle of the fire, the chirp of the crickets, and the caw of the crows. At the end of July, Allen invited me to take part in a sweat lodge […]