Grant Writing 101 

Treat 2 Territory – This week I was able to attend a seminar, Grant Writing 101, in Brandon sponsored by Community Futures Westman. The presenter was Melisa Stefaniw from Decipher Consulting.

The workshop covered:  

  • Creating context for the funder: telling the story of your project 
  • Appropriate composition 
  • Understanding funding criteria 
  • Understanding budgets 
  • Lobbying basics 
  • Strategic supporting documents; a complete HOW TO 

As we move forward towards the vision of FNT2T, the acquisition of funds from external stakeholders can support our endeavors as we solidify our funding from Canada.  

My key takeaways from the seminar were: 

  1. Ensure that your organization has a clear vision and mission. This will allow for a consistent narrative throughout your application.  
  1. Prior to soliciting any type of funding, it is important for the organization to have a clear strategic plan for organizational budgeting; and how the current project fits into the overall financial picture of the organization.  
  1. Review all pertinent and supporting documentation from the department presenting the funding – application guide, government departmental mandates, etc.  
  1. Read through documents and highlight key phrases and themes that can be used when completing your application.  
  1. As part of the planning process, take into consideration all of the immediate and long-term economic impacts of the project.  
  1. In the application, the Project Overview evolves as the Project Description is developed. The final draft of the Project Overview is the final step of completing the application form.  

There are two, fee-for-service agencies that can support grant applications by connecting organizations with funders: 

Grant Canada: Grant Connect  Imagine Canada: Homepage | Imagine Canada 

Valerie McInnes – LLL Bundle Holder 

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