Our Team

The Earth Lodge circle continues to grow with the addition of more Treaty 2 staff so we would like to introduce you to our amazing team.  As you read through the biographies, you will be quick to note that our Keeper, Bundle Holder and Helpers each brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will further strengthen the Earth Lodge circle and Life Long Learning (LLL).

Allen Sutherland
Earth Lodge Keeper


Allen Sutherland, also known by his spirit name Waabishki Mazinazoot Michtaatim (White Spotted Horse), and of the Bizhiw Doodem (Lynx Clan), Anishinaabe member of Skownan First Nation, Treaty 2 Territory, Turtle Island.

Allen’s strong Anishinaabek roots run deep and always present, leaving him in the unique position of being a conduit between Traditional and Contemporary World. Allen had the opportunity of working with Nations, Federal and Provincial Governments, including grassroots community work for over 30 years.

Allen provides facilitation and training under his own company of White Spotted Horse, Inc, for over 15 years, where he is often a sought-after resources person on the history and culture of the Anishinaabe of Turtle Island. Allen is living out his life purpose as a Anishinaabek Historian, Traditional Knowledge Keeper, Nation Builder and Healer with many healing bundles. Allen is currently the Earth Lodge Keeper of the First Nations Treaty 2 Territory.

Valerie McInnes
Life Long Learning Bundle Holder


Valerie McInnes recently joined the Earth Lodge and Government of Treaty 2 as our ‘Life Long Learning Bundle Holder’.  She left her position with Assiniboine Community College where she had the role as the Parkland Campus Director and the Education Director for Adult learning in Dauphin.

Valerie resides in Dauphin with her husband David and has three grown children and two granddaughters.  She has been involved with the education system for almost 35 years.  Valerie has worked in the capacity of teacher, resource teacher, guidance counselor and administrator in the K-12 system.  At the post-secondary level, she has been an instructor, researcher, student advisor, learning strategist, faculty development coach, and education director.  Valerie has spent a large portion of her career working with Treaty 2 nations, having taught in both Sandy Bay and Ebb and Flow; and as a researcher on a project with Rolling River First Nation.

As Valerie states, “I am honoured to be joining the team at FNT2T and the Earth Lodge.  I look forward to reconnection with the communities that had a great influence on my development as an educator and leader.”

Valerie has a huge passion for learning and development, both at a student level but also at a leadership level.  For the past three years, she has worked with FNT2T in different capacities through her employment with Assiniboine Community College.

The Earth Lodge welcomes Valerie McInnes to our team!  We look forward to sharing her knowledge and experience in education, as we lay the foundation for a future college and school system in Treaty 2.

Renée McGurry
Earth Lodge Development Helper


Renée McGurry, from the Lynx Clan, is the Earth Lodge Development Helper. She also works as a support teacher and workshop facilitator for the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba.  In addition, she works as an Indigenous education consultant, offering services and workshops in Culture, Curriculum and Reconciliation.

Renée is a member of Treaty 2, Pinaymootang First Nations. She retired from St. James-Assiniboia School Division in Winnipeg in 2016. In her 35 years as an educator, she has worked as the Indigenous Education Coordinator for the school division. Renée has been recognized by Manitoba Education as one of their ‘Indigenous Educators of the Month’ and has been the recipient of the ‘Trailblazer/ Lifetime Achievement’ award from the Full Circle for Indigenous education.

Renée is presently on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Live Different and serves as a Council Member for Full Circle for Indigenous Education. As a former colleague stated, “Renée McGurry has been guiding the journey of many, who collectively will have a profound effect on Indigenous youth and educators for years to come.”

Larry Budzinski
Life Long Learning Development Helper


Dauphin resident with a long career in the public education system, Larry began his career in education as a student services teacher at Boissevain School. He then moved to Birdtail River School, Division and worked there as Assistant Superintendent until 2003 where he took on the position of Assistant Superintendent of Mountain View School Division.

Larry was seconded to Manitoba Education as a consultant responsible for School and Division Planning, Categorical Grant Funding, Research and Planning and Student Services where he worked until 2018. Larry has worked with every school division in Manitoba and many of the schools. He has also been responsible for supervising Independent Schools and Home Schooling along with inspecting International Schools and providing Professional Development in Asia and South America.

Larry brings a fierce commitment to student centered learning along with a rich belief in capacity building and organizational development. Larry sits on several local and provincial advisory boards and is has a strong interest in community development. He has a wonderful partner, two children and three grandchildren who are the reason for his smile.

He is excited to bring his background to the cause and enjoys learning the ways and history Anishinaabek People.

Cayleen Mathews
Finance Research Helper


Cayleen Mathews started work with FNT2T in September of 2019 as the Life Long Learning Circle Research Assistant. Her position’s responsibilities consisted of assisting in gathering data from the member nations of Treaty 2 Territory, gathering research articles to assist the development of curriculum, and assisting in any other research needs. Cayleen joined Earth Lodge in November of 2021 as a researcher with the responsibility of assisting the Earth Lodge and the Life Long Learning Circle. She has taken on the role of Finance Keeper in the Earth Lodge as of July 2022.

Cayleen graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology with a minor in Family Social Sciences in 2019. She had experience doing research for assignments, essays and final exams and was excited to continue in a career of conducting and analyzing research. Most recently, she has taken Indigenous Financial Management courses with Assiniboine Community College with graduation set to be in September of 2022.

The LLL Council will develop performance assessment practices to collect and utilize educational data and indicators on a regular basis. The data collected will be used to monitor and improve student achievement in the schools and system and contribute to the continual overall improvement.


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