Earth Lodge’s Partnership with ACC

Treaty 2 Territory: THE EARTH LODGE, at the center of FNT2T’s 7 circles, provides training in Governance, Land-base Learning, Language and Wellbeing. The Lodge focuses on enhancing people’s knowledge of Anishinaabek way of learning within Treaty 2 Territory. Initiated by First Nations, guided by the Knowledge Council, the Earth Lodge supports all endeavors of Local Nations, FNT2T Councils and Circles. This includes the developing of programs, training, education, research, and projects being accredited by our Knowledge Keepers. The Lodge is a place to unite our common vision and help guide the Anishinaabe build a bridge between our ancestral past and our prosperous future.

First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory’s (FNT2T) Earth Lodge has partnered with Assiniboine Community College since January 2021. We started with the offering of a seven month Applied Building Construction (ABC) program to train new carpenters in the territory.  The six graduates were introduced to basic tools, reading blueprints, building stairs and framing walls.  Over the span of just 7 months, students gained the knowledge to build projects from simple shelving to a single family dwelling. As well, using modern industry tools, they gained experience working with concrete, finishing cabinets and learning construction safety.

Other partnerships and course offerings include three other programs. The ‘Financial Management’ program began in April 2021 and is scheduled to complete in the fall of 2022 with 8 students graduating. . The ‘Human Resources’ program was very popular, with 16 students registered. It began in September 2021 and won’t be completed until April 2023. Both online programs run one week per month, so completion dates may fluctuate depending on the amount of coursework that can be completed online.

Presently, we have the Applied Counselling Certificate program starting on October 18th. Unlike the other online programs, this one will be taking place in person, at the Dauphin Friendship Centre the third week of each month. It is scheduled to end once the practicums are complete sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2022.

In addition, we are planning a 18 month Aki Guardian program which be a full-time program starting in September of 2022. This program will be designed to meet the needs of individuals who are designated as suitable candidates as Natural World Guardians. The content will include the essentials of Anishinaabe Culture and Natural Law; Water and Land Management; Safety, Protection and Peacekeeping with some of the courses taking place out on the land.

Partnering with Assiniboine Community College has led to the development and delivery of courses and content that reflect our beliefs and ways of knowing. There is a cultural component in all the programs offered to our T2 members. Stay tuned for more info about our programs and partnership!

Submitted by Renée McGurry, Earth Lodge Development Helper

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