Earth Lodge: Treaty 2 Commemoration Begins with the Lighting of the Sacred Fire

Treaty 2 Territory-  The Treaty 150 Commemoration events started on Friday, August 20th at Wasagaming. The morning began with the lighting of the sacred fire by Robert Maytwayashig in the front of the Sharing Lodge and was followed by ceremonies and guest speakers that included: the North Wolf Ojibway Drum Group; Mary and Robert Maytwayashing; Elder Peter Atkinson; Dwayne Blackbird; and from the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba were guests Elder Harry Bone, Commissioner Loretta Ross, Elder Florence Paynter and former Commissioner Dennis Whitebird.  Our Peacekeeping circle keeper, Chantell Barker shared her modern peacekeeping model that is based on the Clan System of governance. The afternoon ended with a Jingle Dress Healing Dance for Health and Wellbeing of our Nation. 

Elder Peter Atkinson shares Clan Teachings

Included in the registration package was the newly published ‘Earth Lodge’ booklet. The Earth Lodge is based on the Anishinaabek Traditional Lodge (Long House).  Its structure and all that flows from it is based upon the natural laws of creation.  Traditional forms of government, social frameworks, ways of learning, communication, language, connection to the land, medicines, health, law, peace, protection and our history are all about living a good life, as was the intention from our ancestors.

Earth Lodge at Center of Treaty 2 Circles

It is important to note that the Earth Lodge is the center of all thought, planning and action within the Treaty 2 governance framework.  The Earth Lodge’s journey focuses on the Red Road Journey called, ‘Ninawendan bimosetowin nibamatiziwina” which means, ‘I am walking my life in peace.”

Submitted by Renée McGurry, Earth Lodge Development Helper