Earth Lodge Executive Summary

Treaty Two Territory – The Earth Lodge is based on the Anishinaabek Traditional Lodge.  Its structure and all that flows from it is based upon the natural laws of creation.

The Earth Lodge is the center for all thought, planning and action.

The Earth Lodge will be reflective of best practices from our Ancestors and for today’s world.

The Earth Lodge uses the Medicine Wheel to illustrate the diverse support the Lodge provides to the Nations.


Using the 7 Principles of Anishinaabe Mino Bimaadiziwin as guiding beliefs, the foundation of the Earth Lodge is created by four bundles: Culture, Wellness, Life Long Learning and Nation Building.  Each bundle is structured to support FNT2T councils and circles; the local nations; and community members in their journey towards nation building and self-determination.

The Earth Lodge’s purpose is to support the development of:

  • Grand Council
  • Administration including Finance/Policy; Corporations; Operations; and Communications
  • Trust and Treasury
  • Circles
  • Advisory Committees to our Circles
  • Regional Offices


The Culture Bundle focuses on a return to teachings and ceremony; Anishinaabek ways of understanding and speaking Anishinaabemowin; and a strong appreciation of identity.  The Earth Lodge develops programs and learning opportunities, carries out research and specific projects to assist in bridging between the ancestral past and the future.


We commit to walk in the way of the Turtle, who brings the Law of Truth. To live and know Truth is to walk the Spiritual Laws of the Creator and Natural Laws of Mother Earth, taught on the land, in our lodges and our ceremonies, using our languages. Living a spiritual life as human beings will bring peace, love, and kindness into our world.

The Wellness Bundle provides support to local nations and their community members as they progress through the healing journey addressing historical, colonial traumas.  By honoring the spiritual laws set out by the Seven Grandfathers, the Earth Lodge reclaims and implements programs and ceremonies designed to allow individuals to reconnect with Mother Earth (Aki) and experience the Good Life (Mino Bimaadiziwin).

Life Long Learning

The Life Long Learning Bundle brings learning to the center of the Seventh Generation Principles.  The Seventh Generation Principles teach us that decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world for seven generations in the future.   The Earth Lodge brings the knowledge of the team members to support local nations and their members with opportunities to engage in learning, at all ages. 

 The Lodge is working towards establishing a Life Long Learning School Structure that brings language instruction, land-based learning, knowledge keeper engagement and Anishinaabe world view fully into curriculum across the grade levels. The Earth Lodge is also developing training and development opportunities; as well as post-secondary learning opportunities in partnership with external stakeholders, with the goal of establishing a FNT2T College system.

Nation Building

We are the original free and independent Nations and Peoples of Great Turtle Island, and the true leaders of our homeland. By incorporating the Anishinaabe Clan System philosophy, and organizing ourselves in circles, the Nation Building Bundle supports Treaty 2 Territory and the Local Nations in creating territorial laws and constitutions that establish a law framework in which Local Nations and FNT2T governance can be implemented.

Written by Valerie McInnes – Life Long Learning Bundle Holder