Earth Lodge: Applied Counselling Program

Treaty 2 Territory- The Earth Lodge provides training in Governance, Landbase Learning, Language and Wellbeing.  The Lodge focuses on enhancing people’s knowledge of Anishinaabek way of learning within Treaty 2 Territory.  Initiated by First Nations, guided by the Knowledge Council, the Earth Lodge supports all endeavors of Local Nations, FNT2T Councils and Circles.  This includes the developing of programs, training, education, research, and projects being accredited by our Knowledge Keepers.  The Lodge is a place to unite our common vision and help guide the Anishinaabe build a bridge between our ancestral past and our prosperous future.

This past month, 28 members of Treaty 2’s nations began the Applied Counselling Certificate program at Assiniboine Community College’s Parkland campus in Dauphin.  ACC has partnered with the Earth Lodge to offer this program in response to the demands and needs for more Counsellors across Treaty 2 Territory.  The demand was so great, that we have had to create a waiting list.   Also, in order to monitor the program and build capacity for T2, Allen Sutherland and I are auditing the course and working with ACC to ‘Indigenize’ and ‘localize’ each of the courses offered. 

Earth Lodge Keeper
Allen Sutherland

The format of course delivery, requires students to attend in-person classes for one full week each month from October 2021 to August 2022.  During the week of classes, students are expected to do nightly assignments that includes reading of the textbook, textbook questions and daily journaling.  Students will then have assignments and quizzes scheduled during the 3 weeks between monthly classes.  Each week is the equivalent of one full course.

The Applied Counselling Skills Certificate program is designed to develop proficiency in basic counselling skills as well as knowledge to aid others in their search for personal growth and healthy relationships. This Certificate program will enable students to develop basic counseling skills in areas that include general counselling, cross-cultural communication, and family and youth issues

Tammy Genaille

Courses vary in length, depending on credit hours.  The program consists of 535 hours including practicum.  The practicum integrates theory and practice in the work environment by providing firsthand experience in counselling. It consists of 120 hours; 100 of which are completed at the practicum site and 20 of which are completed in class time. The program content includes a wide range of courses: Counselling and Interviewing; Counselling; Counselling Skills Theory; Legal and Ethical IssuesCultural Adaptation and Counselling; Family Counselling Skills; Counselling Children and Youth; Indigenous Counselling; Trauma and Crisis; Counselling Practicum Preparation; and a Counselling Practicum.

Submitted by Renée McGurry, Earth Lodge