Sphere of Influence – Leadership

Treaty 2 Territory – We interact with numerous distinct groups every day. Within each of those groups we have a sphere of influence. We have control over what that influence looks like. There are areas that we have control over, areas where we can influence, and everything else.  

If we just focus on the things that we can control, we are limiting ourselves. We are stifling our ability to learn and grow. We may also be limiting others. We all have knowledge, skills and experiences that can be shared with others; things that others can learn from us.  

It is important to acknowledge the things that we cannot control. This does not mean that we just forget about them, but it is important to determine what these things are and not get bogged down being frustrated or angered by the things out of our control.  

How is this relevant for our workplaces? 

One of the things you have control over is how you react to events that happen. If you go into a situation with an open mind to listening before you respond, the influence that this can have on others in the group can be particularly important. So often during a conversation, we are waiting to respond or argue or challenge the individual talking, that we forget to listen. Taking the time to provide the other person with the space to say what they need to say before speaking over them, or cutting them off, could result in a much better outcome. This is part of our sphere of influence. 

The greater is our sphere of influence, the greater the responsibility

Radhanath Swami

Have you ever seen the “Leg crossing experiment”? A group of people are sitting in a circle. The group is told that when the next person comes into the circle that each of them should cross their legs in some way. The new person is not aware of these instructions. It usually only takes a few minutes before the new person crosses their legs also.  

People conform or respond similarly to those around them. If we make the effort to respond in a respectful, professional manner, a substantial number of those around us, over time, will begin to respond and behave in the same manner.  

Be conscious of your sphere of influence. Is it a group of colleagues? A group of children? Your supervisor? We have an influence on those around us in every situation.  

Valerie McInnes – Earth Lodge – Life Long Learning Bundle Holder