Learning Should Never End.

Treaty Two Territory – When does learning start? When does it end? As we sing and tell stories to an unborn child, the child begins to learn. They learn the sounds of the voices of those around them. The words we use are some of the first expressions of love and guidance that we give them.  

After birth and as we grow older, learning can take a variety of forms. From physical skills to concepts needed to progress through school. From cultural traditions to ancestral teachings. There is no point when our learning journey reaches an end. There will be times when others will offer to provide the space for learning and then there will be times when we need to seek out those opportunities for ourselves.  

Taking time to reflect on the path we have taken and dreaming about the journey that still lies before us will open the doors to where we need to learn and grow. We can be great at our jobs, great at being a parent, great at being a partner or a mentor but there is always room to grow. 

In the coming months, the Earth Lodge will be seeking your engagement in conversations around the learning needs of the local nations and FNT2T (First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory) as a whole. I encourage you to start thinking now about what lifelong learning should look like in Treaty Two. I look forward to this coming opportunity to sit and talk and dream.  

Valerie McInnes, Lifelong Learning Bundle Holder, Earth Lodge