Amendments with Respect – Review and Revision of the Life Long Learning Onankonehkawinan

Treaty 2 Territory – Last week the Earth Lodge team took on the review and suggested revision of the Life Long Learning Onankonehkawinan. In 2018, a great deal of work went into the original document that was submitted and passed by Grand Council.  After several years of dormancy, the new Earth Lodge Team approached the document with fresh eyes and new outlook.

Coming into the process, we all felt that it was important to have a clear cultural perspective portrayed in the document.  The original document was presented with very distinct Western terminology and conceptuality.  Our goal was to scribe a document that was centered on the guiding principles of the work done by the Earth Lodge. The Principles of Anishinaabe Mino Bimaadiziwin allow us to bring forward a plan for the education of Treaty Two Nations that focuses on the wholistic wellbeing of each individual community member that engages with the Life Long Learning Structure.

Whereas the children and people of the First Nations of Treaty 2 Territory have the inherent right to quality education from birth throughout their lives so that they may realize their full potential and contribute to their families, their communities, their Nation, to Canada and the world. 

First Nation Treaty 2 Territory – Life Long Learning Onankonehkawinan

The original document was also lengthy, at 44 pages.  A great deal of the document dealt with procedural content.  As a Team, we felt that the Onankonehkawinan, at this point, should be a well-defined description of the configuration of the Life Long Learning Structure; and, procedural determinations would be made by the governing body of the Structure as development progressed. Through online shared collaboration, using our Teams Channel, and several virtual meetings, the Earth Lodge was able to streamline the Onankonehkawinan to 13 pages.

The Earth Lodge is very pleased with the final submission and look forward to the next benchmarks of progress as we work towards creating a learning environment that supports the needs of all communities. 

Written by Valerie McInnes – Life Long Learning Bundle Holder – Earth Lodge