THE LODGE GUEST SPEAKER: Peter Atkinson – Daabaasanaqwat ‘Lowcloud’

Treaty 2 Territory – The Lodge of First Nations Treaty 2 Territory had a special guest on December 16, 2020.

Daabaasanaqwat ‘Lowcloud’ aka Peter Atkinson of the Turtle Clan resides in his Ojibway home community of Baagwaanish Giiziibii (Ragweed River) aka Roseau River Anishinabe Nation. He speaks and understands his Ojibway language. With great pride and hard work, he stands as a 2nd Degree Midewiwin. The 3 Fires. 

Lowcloud is presently the Head Spokesperson of the Fish Clan. As a very knowledgeable and strong believer of the original form of Anishinaabek Governance; the Clan System, it is in his prayer that all Anishinaabe continue to learn and understand where we come from.

The Lodge along with the Circle Keepers and their Helpers learned about the ANISHINAABE CLAN OF GOVERNANCE and CLAN – ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES.

Lowcloud shared how the Clan System is one of the oldest democracy in the history of mankind. Everyone was part of the Clan System. All Clans were equal. They made major decisions at least once every season of the year. Consensus and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to be heard was the principle of governance. Maintaining Peace & Harmony. It was not about power, it was about Roles & Responsibilities towards each other. 

Lowcloud shared many teachings and answered all our questions.  

Inclosing, Lowcloud will always have a very strong voice for the Anishinaabe, for our future generations, to understand and preserve, our Anishinaabe way of life. We are looking forward in learning more from him and have more discussions with Lowcloud in 2021. 

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba – Speakers Bureau in providing this Zoom session.

Gitche Miigwech!

White Spotted Horse, Lodge Keeper