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Earth Lodge Harvests Sage (Mshkodewashk) at RMNP

Treaty 2 Territory- Earth Lodge Keeper, Allen Sutherland (Waabshkii Masinazoot Michtaatim) and Earth Lodge Development Helper, Renée McGurry spent an afternoon harvesting white sage at Wasagaming. Before harvesting, Allen started with a prayer of thanks as we put down tobacco on Mother Earth. For medicinal or food purposes, white sage can be harvested any time of year. In general, how dry the plant is determines how it can be […]

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Manitoba Treaties Oral History Project (OHP): Treaty Elders’ Teachings 4 Volume Series

Treaty 2 Territory– In July 2006, the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM) and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) entered into a Protocol Agreement on the Manitoba Treaties Oral History Project (OHP). During the years 2006 to 2009 the Oral History Project Research Team held 14 focus groups, 6 community forums, and 62 follow-up […]