FNT2T Life Long Learning: September New Moon & Fall Equinox

Good Day! We hope that everyone is doing well and being safe.

Some First Nations refer to September as the Falling Leaves Moon or Leaves Turning Moon. In Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe), these would be a few understandings translated into English. This varies by First Nation, their language, and their dialect. It is the month of the Fall Equinox.

One description of this Moon is as follows:

“Falling Leaves Moon is a time when Mother Earth is honoured with the most brilliant colours of Creation. She is adorned by the love of all Creation as trees and plants make their blanket of offerings to her. It is during this time people become aware of the wonders and blessings of Creation that has been bestowed upon them. Falling Leaves Moon and the Fall Equinox is a time when spiritual energy is heightened and awakened.” Source: 13 Moons calendar by Diane Maytwayashing (Anishinaabekwe), 2018.

First Nations Educator and long time language and culture teacher, Brian Monkman, who hails from Treaty 2 Ebb and Flow First Nation, provided Anishinaabemowin for September Moon as Waatebagaa Oshke(h) Kiisis. Mr. Monkman is a language revitalization advocate; he works hard to integrate the language into his everyday teachings.

Stay safe. Miigwetch. Renew and revitalize!

*Spelling of Anishinaabemowin words vary by speaker, community and dialect