FNT2T Life Long Learning: Orange Shirt Day Shirts!

Good Day! FNT2T Life Long Learning had 250 Orange Shirt Day shirts made in honour of September 30th which is about remembering residential schools and their survivors. Regional helpers reached out to their contacts in the (11) Treaty 2 local nations. Interest ranged from community members to schools and teachers. FNT2T staff tried their very best to ensure that 20-25 shirts (of the 250) were sent to the 11 local nations. As interest grows, FNT2T hopes to increase t-shirt orders each year so that more and more local members receive a shirt.

When the FNT2T Life Long Learning Orange Shirt Day shirts were delivered to Ebb and Flow First Nation teacher, Brian Monkman, said “they were beautiful” and that his “wife is already wearing it proudly.” Brian is working to organize a small, social-distanced and safe honour walk for Orange Shirt Day given these unprecedented times living with COVID-19.

Miigwetch to all. Stay safe. Renew and revitalize.