FNT2T Life Long Learning: Kids & Youth Podcast for Learning About Indigenous Peoples

Boozhoo! Life Long Learning would like to share a great learning resource with caregivers, parents and educators looking for ways for children and students to learning more about their history and their present during a time of remote and distance learning. Firstly, it is important to always review materials, stories and resources used in and for Indigenous history and learning. History has largely been written by non-Indigenous peoples so it is critical that communities, families, and young people continue the work of decolonization which entails learning and unlearning. What may have been viewed as acceptable and relevant ten or twenty years ago, may be viewed today in a new light, as everyone works diligently toward decolonization, renewal, and revitalization.

Dr. Pam Palmater (Mi’kmaq lawyer) has started her own podcast for young people called the Warrior Kids Podcast. It is free and available online. It is also available on the free app, Spotify, which means young people can listen to it right on their phones. Palmater started the interactive podcast to celebrate everything Indigenous and to share the diversity in Indigenous cultures and values so that kids can learn about what it means to be strong, healthy and compassionate warriors for themselves, their families, communities, and Nations. Dr. Pam Palmater is a long-time activist of Indigenous rights. She has her own online blog and YouTube channel as platforms to share her ideas and knowledge.

Currently, there are 14 podcasts recorded and available. Topics include A Welcoming to the Podcast, What is Indigenous Identity, Cindy and Spirit Bear’s Mission: All Kids Treated Fairly, Celia Wilson on Jingle Dress Dancing, David Suzuki Loves Bugs, Trees are our Relatives, Turtle Island, Our Medicines, Water is Life, Native Food, Orange Shirt Day, Lacrosse: The Creator’s Game, Running is Tradition, and Considerate Costumes for Halloween. The longest podcast is 22 minutes which works well for children and young ones, yet each episode is educational, reliable and informative. Each podcast can meet learning outcomes for various subject areas while learning about Indigenous peoples.

Stay safe and keep well. Miigwetch! Renew and revitalize.

Image source: Pam Palmater’s Warrior Kids Podcast, “Turtle Island”

Pam Palmater’s Warrior Kids Podcast: https://warriorkidspodcast.com/