Brief Survey of Programming

Good Day! We hope that everyone is well and staying safe.

Last fall, FNT2T began collecting life long learning program information in Local Nations with the help of Local Nation Helpers and LLL Research. There is great work happening in Local Nations of FNT2T! Many are working hard to have Elders in the school, students and/or members out on the land, language classes, and teaching history from our own perspective(s). The goal and hope behind collecting this information was for FNT2T to record the overall good work taking place and to offer future support(s), if possible. FNT2T is working to update this information, or to gather the information from those who were unable to share due to the vast community evacuations last fall/winter. The information is not shared publicly, it belongs to the Nations of FNT2T. Programs can also be featured on FNT2T’S Moccasin Trail News, of course with the permission and/or request of a Local Nation, as it’s always wonderful to celebrate local and Nation successes. It’s important to continue the important work of recording and telling our own stories.

Miigwetch! Renew and revitalize.