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Good Day! Hope everyone stayed safe, well and practiced social distancing over the holiday weekend. The Washington Post just released a story that health officials traced the spread of COVID-19 in the city of Chicago two family gatherings so although it can be difficult not to see loved ones up close it is important that social distancing practices remain in place.

Most people participate in some sort of social media or online venue so at this time FNT2T Life Long Learning strives to keep an eye out for reliable and valuable online learning/sharing tools for those who may be interested.

There is a four-part webinar series beginning today (April 13) at 2pm titled “Building Communities of Care During COVID-19: Traditional Practices” by Indigenous Rising Media and Indigenous Climate Action. What is shared on the webinar in terms of traditional practices might be different from local First Nations practices and protocols, but the webinar(s) may offer ideas for localized efforts at this time.

On their website, Indigenous Rising Media is described as “protecting[ing] the sacredness of, the territorial integrity of, and the rights of (Grandmother) Mother Earth; and the rights of Future generations.” Indigenous Climate Action is “the only Indigenous climate justice organization in Canada. This initiative does not belong to an individual, but rather to a collective of people who believe in the power of transformative change.” Indigenous Climate Action has a video on their website that describes who they are and what they stand for (Tantoo Cardinal appears in the video). Both groups seem to be doing amazing work in climate action.

Everyone take care and stay well.


*Image is a photo taken of an Indigenous Climate Action website page.


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