Earth Lodge submits a Life Long Learning Structural Readiness Proposal to Indigenous Services Canada

Treaty 2 Territory –

The Earth Lodge Team, in collaboration with the Lead Keeper, have submitted a detailed project grant proposal which would see FNT2T Life Long Learning Circle embark on the engagement, collaboration and development work with Local Nations needed to begin the awareness and implementation of a LLL Education Structure as outlined in the Lifelong Learning Onankonehkawinan.

According to Indigenous Services Canada “The Structural Readiness component supports targeted activities that build the capacity of First Nations organizations to deliver First Nations education services, and to develop and implement transformative education systems and agreements that fully delegate responsibility for elementary and secondary education to a First Nations school model.”

Our FNT2T proposal sets out a plan which allows for the resources, engagement and collaboration needed to begin the implementation of the Life Long Learning Structure which will guide the development of Anishinaabek Life Long Learning in future years. FNT2T and Earth Lodge expects to receive approval in the very near future and will share that information as it becomes available. For further information, suggestions or questions feel free to contact any Earth Lodge Team member.

Submitted by

Larry Budzinski

Earth Lodge Development Helper