Earth Lodge News: FNT2T Knowledge Council Adopts Resolutions

Treaty 2 Territory – April 14, 2021 – MS Teams. Earth Lodge updated FNT2T Knowledge Council on Earth Lodge 2021 Workplan. Two Motions was presented and Adopted:

Motion: 2021-04-14-002 – Accreditation, Peacemaking Program

To accredit the Peacemaking training program at the Earth Lodge that includes the Onankonehkawin (Law) and the Peacemaking seven circles including; Bizhiw (Lynx), Waawaashkeshi (Deer), Migizi (Eagle), Mikinaak (Turtle), Makwa (bear), Mahng (Loon), and Ahjijawk (Crane).

Motion: 2021-04-14-003 – Anishinaabe Traditional Territory Land Use

To have the Care and Protection of the Natural World and T2T Earth Lodge to facilitate the Anishinaabe Traditional Territory Use within the Treaty 2 Territory and support any local Nation that is working on their Land Use Survey

Allen Sutherland, Earth Lodge Keeper