Sessions in Lake Manitoba and Dauphin River

Treaty 2 Territory – This week FNT2T Life Long Learning visited Lake Manitoba First Nation and Dauphin River First Nation. Participants in both groups had amazing knowledge to share with us. We listened to language speakers have conversations and laugh together. We learned a bit about each Nation’s local history.

Life Long Learning is hoping to visit all Treaty Two First Nations to offer the same engagement session on First Nations learning and history. LLL Keeper, Donna Beyer, shares interactive activities with group participants as they reflect on their own learning, past and present. These activities generate important conversations around learning First Nations’ history.

As is true with most First Nations, a priority in learning is language. Elders, knowledge-keepers and community members want the younger generation to learn and to retain the language. Discussion was had around language speakers in the school who do not have a B.Ed or a Grade 12 but are fluent in the language. Can they be brought into an early years classroom to speak the language throughout the day to little ones? Because as we know, language retention is greatest up to about the age of 5-6.

In discussing the writing of local Education Acts, participants mentioned the 1971 document, Wahbung: Our Tomorrows. As a non-speaker, the word, Wahbung, was mispronounced. We were given a quick language lesson to slow down its pronunciation because if it’s said too fast its meaning changes.

We also learned that a very particular place along the Dauphin River has its own story and history. The people know their traditional territories and they know original names of places.

Life Long Learning very much enjoyed their time. All dialogue was positive and enlightening. We are so grateful. Miigwetch!


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